500% Site Traffic Increase Overnight! Simple Google Ads Trick

 500% Site Traffic Increase Overnight! Simple Google Ads Trick

If you’ve ever worked for a digital marketing agency, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “I just need more traffic to my site!” We all know that what they really mean is more leads, more conversions, more sales; take your pick. But sometimes – oh sometimes – the goal rings from the client’s mouth with narrow persistence. We’ve found a great way to help any website get an instant boost in traffic to the site. Out of everything that has ever been searched on Google, there rings out one keyword that has incredibly high search volume and remarkably low competition. 

So What’s The Trick?

Simple! Bid on the keyword “the”. That’s it. Just take a look at Google Trends below and you can see its remarkably steady trendline over the last five years as a very popular keyword.

Google Trend Line of the Word "the"

While the term is universally used across many countries, one can see within the US, that Mississippi has a particularly strong interest in the word “the”. 

graph from google trends

Innovative Marketing Agency Grows Website Traffic

Willy Nilly PPC is one agency in the heart of the US that has taken this tactic and ran with it. “It couldn’t be more obvious,” says Google Ads expert Geoff Randall. Randall thought of this tactic after reviewing the basics on bidding resource provided by Google. A resource that states, “If your main goal is to have people visit your website, then clicks are a good place to start. Using cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’ll pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad and comes to your site.”


“Sure, you’ll spend your budget within an hour or two, regardless of what your budget is,” Randall continues. “But you’ll see instant traffic to your site.”

willy nilly PPC ad

source: Willy Nilly PPC


Randall’s agency has been running ads like these on Google for as long as fifteen minutes. It remains unclear whether this tactic has actually had any tangible impact on their site’s traffic.


Try It Yourself

While we take no responsibility for your results (as the age old saying goes, “results may vary”), we hope you can take something away from our experience. Try this yourselves and let us know how it went!