Neil Patel Innovates Marketing Again By “Inventing the Color Orange”

 Neil Patel Innovates Marketing Again By “Inventing the Color Orange”

The audience is clapping, the introduction made: Neil Patel takes center stage. The speaker, a New York Times Bestselling Author and Forbes Top 10 Marketer, silently asserts dominance by taking a long sip of water before beginning his keynote. 

Patel has honed in on his craft of helping many a blog rank number one on Google through strategic backlinking and outreach tactics. You can even have your website analyzed with his free SEO Analyzer by simply going to Neil Patel dot com slash SEO dash analyzer. Work quickly, as you will be asked to participate in a highly optimized quiz within a matter of moments of entering the site. One of Patel’s many Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) methods. 

Patel’s Big Announcement

Before his recent keynote, Patel had announced via social media he had a big announcement that “might change marketing forever.” 

“I’ve been able to think of innovative ways to move the needle for some time now,” Patel said Friday. “But this one takes the cake.” The quote stood out on a vibrant background on the large presentation screen next to an image of his likeness.

Patel then unveiled his new CRO technique; a color he’s decided to call Orange. “[I’m inventing the color orange] because of its high contrast with other more subtle colors like blue and green, orange can be a great color to draw attention to your call to action,” Patel explains.

What’s Next For Neil?

Orange. Orange everywhere! Neil has stated that his entire website will be orange going forward. Like King Midas with Gold, we’ve already seen Neil’s affect on everything he touches. Don’t take our word for it! Check it out here:

While this bright new color might not be for everyone, the keynote presenter encourages all to use it freely. This came as a welcomed surprise by many in the audience as a similar invention in the mid-2010s was subsequently trademarked and then limited for public use. Surrey NanoSystems unveiled Vantablack and since its unveiling has been exclusively licensed to Anish Kapoor’s studio for their artistic use.